Snow Day By Billy Collins

In the poem ‘Snow day’ by Billy Collins he talks about how the snow covers the land and shuts everything down, schools for example and many other important offices and buildings. Collins also talks about wanting to go out in the snow for a walk but for the time being he is trapped in the house with nothing to do.

I think in the poem ‘Snow Day’ there is an image created by Collins that evokes peace and tranquility. This image of an empty town that Collins creates with untouched snow and no noise as the place is shut down shows how beautiful snow can be but at the same time how destructive snow can be. The title ‘Snow Day’ evokes two emotions I think and thus differs generationally, for the children it’s a day off school and a chance to play in the snow with their friends but for adults it can be frustrating and annoying with busy work lifestyles snow days can cause stress and getting behind.


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