Keillor comes to town

Garrison Keillor was part of the visiting writers series at LR and recently published the writing in the Washington post, “Thinking moving abroad will save you from Trump? Think again.” This is ironic as Trump spoke at Lenoir Rhyne just two days before Keillor published his piece.

In this piece Keillor shares his views on the presidential candidate and stresses his message that if Trump does become president many people will migrate. However Keillor goes on to state that even if people move they can’t escape Trump. This is because people will recognise the American accent and ask questions for example ‘What do you make of Trump?, Why did you move?’ and so forth. So although they have escaped the country he could potentially run, they will not have not escaped his much larger, global presence. Throughout the writing Keillor portrays in negative way comparing him to a “bagel” and calling Trump a “the great white snapping turtle.” This seems to be the common theme throughout the piece but the question that springs into my mind is why does Keillor have these negative views of Trump? And what evidence does he have to back this up?

Keillor Garrison. “Think Moving Abroad will Save You from Trump? Think Again.” Washington Post. Washington Post, 16 Mar. 2016. Web. 3 April 2016.


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