From Zero To Hero, Masters Champ: Danny Willett

Danny Willett is a professional golfer from, the small city of Sheffield in England. On Sunday April 10th 2016 he became only the second Englishman to win the Masters at Augusta National, Georgia. I chose to write about Danny in this paper because I have a personal connection with him, I have been lucky enough to […]


Paul Muldoon is a poet and a part of Lenoir Rhyne’s visiting writers series. His poem the Hedgehog is one of simplicity I think. The structure of the poem makes for a slow paced read with caesuras combining with the metaphor of the snail gives imagery to this slow paced-ness. Enjambement between stanzas and lines […]

“Shitty first drafts”

Anne Lamott, an author from California wrote a book called Bird by bird. This title was inspired by her father who used the term bird by bird we will get this finished, the night before her year long project was due on birds. The extract ‘shitty first drafts’ was from this book and in which […]

Keillor comes to town

Garrison Keillor was part of the visiting writers series at LR and recently published the writing in the Washington post, “Thinking moving abroad will save you from Trump? Think again.” This is ironic as Trump spoke at Lenoir Rhyne just two days before Keillor published his piece. In this piece Keillor shares his views on the […]

Snow Day By Billy Collins

In the poem ‘Snow day’ by Billy Collins he talks about how the snow covers the land and shuts everything down, schools for example and many other important offices and buildings. Collins also talks about wanting to go out in the snow for a walk but for the time being he is trapped in the […]